When thinking about starting a new business, embarking on a new venture or growing and developing your services, market research is absolutely essential.

Our Marketing teams are available for hire all across Scotland – Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Stirling and all other surrounding areas.

Event Staff Scotland will work with you to establish exactly what information you are looking to gain, and put together a staffing and activity plan to achieve this on your behalf.

Whether its product sampling, data capture or gathering consumer feedback, our friendly and enthusiastic staff will embrace your business interests as if they were their own.

If there’s something you want to know? We’ll be sure to get you the answers!

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The importance of Market Research to my business?

Market Research quite often becomes forgotten about in the business world…but the team at Event Staff Scotland has the experience, passion and capacity to ensure your business never misses an opportunity in this area. By correctly identifying your target audience, their behaviours and preferences we are able to work together to maximise your future sales and custom.

Market Research can come in many many forms and is driven towards understanding your target customers. The collection of information and data on customers, competitors and the market place are all fundamental pieces to growing your business and something that we at ESS pride ourselves upon.

By working with Event Staff Scotland we can assure that you will have a much clearer understanding of who you need to reach out to (your target audience), where you can find them (your marketing channels), and most importantly what they are interested in.

We are available all across Scotland – Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Stirling and all of the smaller surrounding areas in between.

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Market Research Complete?

We offer a wide range of promotional services at Event Staff Scotland.

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