Welcome to Team ESS! Your gateway to the biggest variety of jobs and opportunities within Scotland’s service industries.

Do you take hospitality service to a new level? Live and breathe all things Promo? And are a hard-working, reliable, team player?

At Event Staff Scotland we pride ourselves on having a fantastic, diverse team of professionals, and we’d love you to be one of them!

In order to join our team and then be able to view our jobs board to see the types of work we have available in your area you need to sign up to our staffing platform.

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The application process takes around 5-10 minutes to complete. We totally understand you might be completing this ‘on the go’ and don’t have some of the required documentation to hand. That’s ok! Just spend extra time and focus on the  ‘Bio’  and  ‘Experience’  sections and head back to the rest later on. The sooner your application is in the sooner we can get you booked onto jobs and earning money doing what you love!

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Benefits Diagram

Why Choose Us?

  • Rates of Pay

    Most jobs are paid at minimum £12PH. Say no more!

  • Fast payment

    Your pay is processed weekly!
    No long delays here.

  • Job Variety

    We have many fab clients, jobs, and roles available. There is something for everyone.

  • Dedicated Management Team

    Our Management team are simply a text away. If you need us, or need something, we’re right there!

  • Flexibility

    You pick the shifts you want to do, with the clients you like the look of, when it suits you. Simple!

  • Team ESS

    The chance to meet and work with new people! New people = New opportunities.

  • Free training courses

    Food Hygiene, Allergen Awareness, Customer service; you name it, we have a course for it and they are all free for team ESS members!

  • Progression opportunities

    Internships, supervisor shifts, management roles; its all an option here!

What our staff say

I joined Event Staff Scotland on the hope I could make some extra money based around my childcare and that’s exactly what I have done!

The jobs I have completed have all been so fun and varied and it never feels like work I LOVE doing shifts.

The pay rate is UNREAL and you’re paid within the week which is AMAZING!

The management are always so accommodating and you get a full brief before each shift so you know what’s happening and expected of you. I would to signing up to Event Staff Scotland to anyone looking for a flexible way to make money!

Joanne Hogan Aberdeen

Quite simply, you’re treated as a person, not a ‘body’

David Valentine Edinburgh

ESS is a great agency to work for, I couldn’t recommend them enough. I would suggest signing up to ESS for all students that are looking for work while studying as shift opportunities are so flexible!
I feel valued as a staff member receiving regular communication with management about new jobs, opportunities and feedback about shifts . Another bonus of ESS is the competitive rate of pay which I haven’t seen anywhere else within hospitality industry, as well as receiving payment quickly the following week!

Molly Barry Glasgow

I have been working with ESS for a while now and I am very pleased to work with them!

Key differences between ESS and other agencies :
1) Faster , weekly payment, makes life easier.
2) A job portal with an app, much easier to apply.
3) The management is always awake and connect with the staff.
4) no F2F interview for onboarding, so fast access to jobs
5) Loads of certifications provided to enhance staff skills.

Sunny Gupta Stirling

I’m glad there’s finally a page for reviews I feel like all I do is rave to my friends about how moving to this company was the best thing I did!

The managers are only a text away and will do all they can to help if any confusion occurs. They also check in on you which I find is most comforting especially at new jobs. I actually don’t dread going to work anymore like I did at my previous jobs… who’d have thought ey!

Taylor Roberston Edinburgh

How does it all work?

Staffing Platform Information

We use a staffing platform called Liveforce which has a fantastic ‘jobs board’ section where you can see all of the work we have available. It’s never been easier to find jobs you like the look of and put yourself forward for them!

It also has a ‘Calendar’ section so you can keep track of what jobs you’re booked in for. This feature enables you to access all of the information you require for each job you’re working on at the click of a button. Details such as timings, pay, addresses, uniform requirements, travel arrangements etc can all be found here.

Plus, it has a really helpful ‘Earnings’ section so you can see exactly what you’ve earned for which job.

We absolutely love working with it and know you will too!

Join the Team

An ‘App’ is also available to download which makes the whole process so much easier!

One of our Supervisor’s once famously said ‘Liveforce has become like social media to me, I scroll it every night looking for my next job!’

Having the app downloaded to your phone also means you’re first to know about last minute jobs, shifts, and roles which may be of interest to you. Download it now and lets get you started!