Top Tips for Hosting a Summer Event

July 26th 2023

Summer is here! Meaning it’s time for lots of sunny days and summer events. There is nothing better than spending a day in the sunshine with friends and family. Whether you’re hosting a summer wedding, private function, or even or corporate event there’s a lot to consider in the planning stages! So we’ve pulled together some of our top tips to help make your summer event a sweet success!

Summer Catering/Food

When planning your menu, consider foods that are suited for the weather and make sure they stay at the right temperature while being served outside to guests. Using metal serving trays on top of ice will help keep food cold, and chilling your serving tray beforehand will help it stay cold longer. Additionally, avoid having your food station in the sun and invest in some mesh food tents to help keep flies away.


Keeping your guests hydrated is essential! Whilst the hot weather can be lovely, sitting in the heat of the glaring sun can be an energy zapper. Having a team of staff on hand to offer cool refreshments such as lemonades, water with fruit essence or fruit juice throughout the day. Ensure to keep drinks and any bottles in ice in a shaded area, so they can stay chilled and refreshing!

Keeping Bugs Away

With the summer heat comes a whole lot of pesky insects! Having some diffusers with citrus scents on hand can help with bugs and using freshly sliced lemon on tables can be a cute and practical way to disguise keeping bugs away as table decor! You could opt for a cute, decorative cup or vase to disguise the repellent as part of the decor.

Proper Seating and Shade

It’s important to ensure you provide adequate seating for all of your guests! If possible, it’s also worth ensuring any dining areas are shaded so that the sun won’t be directly in their faces as they attempt to eat and unwind. For parties with children, it’s a good idea to set down a few quilts for them to have the option to sit on whilst they eat and play.

A Cool Place

It is so important to have an easily accessible space where guests can retreat from hot temperatures to cool off, preferably with air conditioning! If you opt for an entirely outdoor location, it’s worth investing in some small marquees for shelter and renting an outdoor fan to help keep guests cool and relaxed.

Preparing for Weather

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the weather forecast ahead of your event to prepare for any big changes! This may mean being prepared to move any outdoor elements indoors should the rain appear (it is Scotland after all!), or opting for a venue with both an indoor and outdoor space should weather be unpredictable. As mentioned, preparing or a heat wave with refreshments and shaded areas is vital!

Making it Fun!

Choosing a theme and sticking to it can help make decorating and food planning so much easier! By opting for a cute summer theme with bright and cute decor you can even have matching party favours. You can also keep guests entertained by incorporating some time for games, providing entertainment and live music!

There are countless adjustments you can make to your summer event, big and small, to ensure your event is a success! It’s so important to ensure guests feel comfortable in hot temperatures, food and beverages stay fresh, and your venue is adequately prepared for the weather!

It’s important to invest in a reliable and experienced team o staff to take care of these elements and it’s no secret one of the most important elements of an event is the staff! At Event Staff Scotland we have over 11 years of experience in the hospitality industry, and a wealth of experience working on summer events! Whether you’re looking for a team of experienced servers to take care of all the hospitality elements of your day, some experienced mixologists to wow your guests, or simply a reliable team to take care of important duties like setting up your venue – we’ve got you covered! All of our team are experienced, reliable, friendly!

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